About Us

The Paint Collective began in 2011 in the SF Bay Area as a small group of top level VFX paint artists joining together to create an elite paint-only artist network. Since that time it has grown to encompass the intended 2D paint services, along with compositing and rotoscoping. We can bring the top level artistry, imagination, professionalism and experience to your project that traditional outsource vendors cannot. 

And we do it all on West Coast time.


Launched by Jen Cantwell, The Paint Collective includes artists who have spent years honing their craft at the top visual effects houses in the world. How do we attract top talent and still keep prices low? All artists at The Paint Collective are freelancers and only assigned to projects on an as- needed basis. Mandy Cohlman will act as lead, and depending on the scope of the project she has the ability to call on Paint Collectives network of contractors to accommodate any project size. We bid most projects per shot, not per hour. This unique approach allows for top level painters to attain their financial goals while still keeping client costs down. The speed and precision of our artists ensures that they are compensated appropriately for their talent and contribution, while the client pays no premium for top level artistry or for utilizing the Paint Collectives network of painters.